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chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment is a cornerstone treatment of chiropractic care. Believing that the body has the potential to heal itself and that treating symptoms will not get to the root cause of pain and illness, chiropractors use chiropractic adjustments to correct misalignments in the spine and the extremities. Dr. Andrew Wiese of Milton Chiropractic & Massage in Milton, GA has expertise in a variety of adjustment techniques and, after an evaluation, will determine which one or more than one is best for you. 

Manual Diversified

Manual diversified adjustment technique is taught at chiropractic colleges and includes most of the techniques that chiropractors use.  It is the most well-known and uses the hands to apply a high-velocity low amplitude thrust to the joint that is causing the problem. It will usually result in a popping sound as if you cracked your knuckles. The sound may be scary, but it is completely harmless and is just gas escaping. 


The activator technique of chiropractic adjustment uses a small spring-loaded instrument to provide gentle and exact adjustments. The thrusts are also very quick, which doesn't allow the muscles to react and tense up, thus facilitating healing.

Thompson Drop-Table

The Thompson Drop Table uses a special segmented table that gives way under the pressure of a thrust, allowing for more adjustment at a lower velocity. This can help to free up joints that have become fixed and promote healing and greater range-of-motion quicker. 

Extremity Adjusting

Extremity adjustment allows your chiropractor to restore alignment to joints in other parts of the body other than your spine. Other joints can be put out of alignment due to an accident or injury. When you are in pain in another part of the body, it can cause postural issues that force you to put more pressure on certain joints. If your back hurts, you may cause your hip or knees to get out of alignment, causing them to become painful. Getting your whole body into alignment helps everything to work more efficiently and allows you to have less pain. 

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